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Raise Corporate Performance
& Increase Shareholder Value

Schrudder Performance Group, LLC
A Results Oriented Global Consulting Firm

SPG® is committed to the delivery of agreed upon measurable results by working in partnership with clients to improve their overall business performance. Our firm is comprised of creative and experienced consulting professionals who are highly skilled in implementation.

We focus on a variety of industries and provide a broad range of services to our clients. As a way to introduce ourselves, we have proposed answers to four important questions that consulting firms must be able to address:

Who are we?

Our business philosophy is influenced by the Golden Mean.

Why work with us?

Our team gets positive results that surpass expectations.

What do we do for our clients?

We take you from analysis through to implementation.

What can we do for your business?

Our results-oriented approach is a driving force for success.

Reinvent Your Business for Greater Success.
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Our Values

  • We believe in a partnership mentality and a joint team approach that ensures everyone involved wins. Our approach includes the client working with SPG®, and requires a proactive style in partnering with each other.
  • We deliver the highest quality management consulting services to our many clients.
  • We focus on building trust and an enjoyable working relationship.
  • We leverage talents, from both the client and SPG®, which enables us to rapidly produce significant results.
  • We bring experience-based creativity to our engagements, which gives us the capability to do things differently.

Mission Statement

SPG® works with companies and their executives to design and implement change initiatives that significantly raise corporate performance and increase shareholder value.


Contact Schrudder Performance Group, LLC (SPG®) If you would like more information about SPG®, or would like someone from SPG® to meet with you to determine how SPG® can help address your business needs.

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